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Not Just Canada, New Zealand Also Feeling Heat of Trump Bump- US to NZ Immigration Requests up by 70%

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After Canada and Australia, New Zealand is also feeling the heat of Trump Bump. Recently, a huge number of Americans have applied for the New Zealand citizenship. In last three months, the applications from the US, for the grant of NZ citizenship have raised by 70 percent. Many countries have faced similar situation, since US elections last year, i.e. November, 2016.
Americans are looking to move to New Zealand

If you thing 70 percent rise in citizenship applications from US to NZ is staggering, there is more to know for you. In January, 2017, an upsurge of about 18 percent observed in the number of Americans, who have obtained NZ work visa compared to last year same time.

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This is being seen as the Trump bump, as several Americans have become uncertain about their future in the US and looking to move to other countries, since Donald Trump has elected as the President of the USA. However, the individuals looking to settle in New Zealand from America require staying in New Zealand for 5 years to become eligible to apply for citizenship in the Kiwi country.


As per the reports, two days after the US election results, the website of Immigration New Zealand registered about 4146 visits from the USA, which were just 305 a month ago at the same time. Traditionally, immigration to New Zealand from the US has remained lower side in the past in view of the mighty distance (10,000 kilometers) between the two countries. However, things have changed a lot in last few months.

New Zealand has emerged as the favorite immigration destination in last few years

The top Hollywood movies, i.e. ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ gave tremendous recognition and fame to New Zealand as a great destination to travel and live. The celebrities traveling to New Zealand to shoot movies also had great things to say about New Zealand when they traveled back, which ultimately gave New Zealand huge popularity as the top immigration destination in the world.

Several Americans living in New Zealand already have confirmed that many of their friends and relatives have contacted them to confirm the NZ immigration process and expressed the interest and willingness to relocate to the land of Kiwis.

Canada also faced similar situations during and after the US elections, when website of Canada immigration crashed due to excessive visits from the USA on the US election night. The citizenship request applications to Canada from the US also rose significantly immediately after the US elections. Now, New Zealand is also facing the similar situation. It is more so as New Zealand has come a long way to become one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world in last couple of years. Every month a record number of international skilled workers and students are flying to New Zealand.

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