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Work as Telecommunication Engineering Professional in Australia- Apply fast as 605 positions are left

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Australia is known as the paradise of Engineering and IT Professionals. Every year, thousands of highly skilled and talented professionals immigrate to Australia to get employed in the top organizations and industries across the different states and territories of Australia. There are a few occupations, which are highly in demand in Australia and hence, find the place in Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Demand of Telecommunication Engineering Professionals in Australia

The occupation of Telecommunication Engineering Professional is one such occupation that has great demand in Australia. It is included in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia as well. At now only 605 applications are left to apply for this occupation in the existing year. Hence, if you are an aspirant to apply for this position in Australia, you must apply fast to get yourself considered for the position as well as relevant visa.

Key Job Responsibilities

Here is the list of key job responsibilities associated for the occupation of Telecommunication Engineering Professional:

  • Building, configuring, designing, planning, and ordering telecommunications equipments, networks, and systems, i.e. voice, satellite, and digital data systems radio, two-way, data, microwave, and making certain that the telecommunications systems connect with devices from different manufacturers, users, and service providers.
  • Assembling engineering project proposals to identify goals, recognize scope, conditions and requirement, and determine cost of devices, parts and services
  • Assessing and acquiring new products and services from merchants
  • Making certain the adherence to laws, rules, policies and procedures in the terms of telecommunications systems
  • Choosing and developing new telecommunications sites by finding sites, filing and drawing up documents for sanction, sketching or drafting the construction drawings and following up the same for approval
  • Finding out suitable configurations of telecommunications hardware and software, making certain the desired performance of telecommunications devices

What are the visa options to apply for Telecommunication engineering jobs in Australia?

If you wish to apply for the occupation of Telecommunication engineering Professional, you have a few key visa options, i.e.

  • Skill Independent Subclass 189 Visa: This visa is one of the easiest skilled permanent visas in Australia to apply. This is a point based visa that you can apply by submitting Expression of Interest in SkillSelect online system of Australia.
  • Skill Nominated Subclass 190 Visa: This visa is also a permanent skilled Visa; however, to apply for this visa you first need to obtain the nomination from an Australian state or territory government agency. This too can be applied through SkillSelect system of Australia.

Both the above visas are permanent visas that allow you to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis.

How to get vital support to apply for Skilled Visa in Australia?

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Which are the Occupations that can easily get Skilled Visa in Advanced Countries?

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The developed countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, etc. are facing immense skill shortage of highly skilled and talented professionals and workers. This is largely due to the demographic challenges and shortage of workforce with special skills in these countries.

A few key occupations have great demand in most of the advanced countries. Hence, your chances of obtaining skilled Independent visa in these countries are certainly strong, if you have the right qualifications, skills, and work experience to get employed in such high demand occupations. But the key question here is

Which are the highly in demand occupations in advanced countries?

A few occupation that needs special education, skills and vast experience, often face shortage of workforce. Hence, the federal governments in any country prefer to choose skilled immigration applicants, whose skills, experience and profile is highly in demand in their job market. Such applicants always remain on the priority list of immigration department of any country.

Here is the list of occupations, which have great demand in the countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, etc. countries.

IT Professionals- In this modern era dedicated to computer, internet, and technology, demand of IT Professionals is huge. The IT professionals, such as, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, ICT Business Analyst, Analyst Programmer, etc.

Engineering Professionals: The demand of engineering professionals, i.e. Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Production or Plant Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Transport Engineer, Industrial Engineer, etc. is huge in the developed countries, in view of their multiple existing and upcoming projects.

Healthcare Professionals: Most of the developed countries are very particular about the proper healthcare services and facilities for their citizens. Hence, demand of healthcare professionals, i.e. Doctors, Surgeons, Nurse, Pathologists, Radiologists, etc. is quite high in these countries.

Accounts and Finance Professionals- This is one occupation that has presence in every industry or sector. Hence, huge demand of Accounts and Finance Professionals, i.e. Accountant (General), Taxation Accountant, Management Accountant, External Auditor, Internal Auditor, etc. is justified in all the advanced countries.

Building and Construction – The fast growing industries and projects in advanced nations; require the professionals with vast experience in the domain of Building and Construction, i.e. Construction Project Manager, Project Builder, Architect, Surveyor, Cartographer, Quantity Surveyor, Materials Engineer, etc.

Apart from these skilled professions, the demand of labours and technicians i.e. Carpenter, Electrician (General) Motor Mechanic (General), Welder, Metal Fabricator, Air conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanic, Electronic Equipment Trades Worker, etc. is also huge in most of the developed nations.

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