Month: February 2016

Canada- All the more reason for Quebec Immigration

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Immigration to QuebecThere are several provinces and territories in Canada that attracts the immigrants from all parts of the world due to their excellent infrastructure facilities, living standard, economy and quality of life, etc. The Province of Quebec, however, stands apart from all the other provinces in view of its staggering infrastructure and incredibly low unemployment rate. The Quebec has maintained the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, consistently for the last two years now. Let’s explore a few of its exceptional qualities and features that magnetize the immigrants here in huge numbers every year.

Quebec has been considered as the most competitive Canadian province

The province of Quebec has been considered as the most competitive Canadian province in terms of economic development as per the latest survey report of Site Selection magazine. It was followed by Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, etc. provinces. The Quebec won the Canadian Competitiveness Award for being the top province as per the survey data derived from meeting the new corporate facilities and expansion. It ranked best on various aspects, i.e. ideal immigration policies, investment in infrastructure, economic development and so on.

What makes Quebec the most ideal Canadian province for new immigrants?

The Quebec is a wonderful Canadian province from all aspects. Below are a few of its key features.

  • Its advanced open economy was ranked 37th largest economy in the world
  • Ranks 28th in the world for gross domestic products
  • It aims for 115,000 new jobs in the knowledge and innovation sectors by 2017 and hence, has been inviting immigrants in good numbers.
  • About 150,000 individuals are employed in its close to 7300 businesses.
  • Its Skilled Worker Program is a quite popular PNP program in Canada.
  • Center for the most advanced industries, i.e. IT, Multimedia, Aerospace, and so on
  • Lowest unemployment rate in Canada consistently for 2 years now

Quebec has Lowered the Pass Mark for of Skilled Workers

The province of Quebec has lowered the pass mark for its forthcoming Skilled Worker Program (SWP) of Immigration. The SWP program of Quebec is for overseas skilled workers, wish to live and work in Quebec. The candidates for immigration to Quebec get selected as per their Qualification, skills, and experience. The Quebec’s SWP is based on two step assessment process, both with minimum cutoff scores. The applicants who attain the passing score are awarded with the Quebec Certificate of Selection, through which, they can apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada.