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Germany welcomed about 4 Million Immigrants in last one decade

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Germany- the key advanced nation in Western Europe has welcomed about staggering 4 million immigrants in last one decade. This happened much before the whole chaos begins about huge refugee influx in Europe. Germany traditionally have had the lenient immigration policy and hence, massive number of immigrants found their foot in Germany in the past.

Huge Immigration to Germany from Non-European countries

As per the German Federal Institute for Population Research about 3.8 million immigrants welcomed by Germany between 2005 and 2015, from the Non-European countries. The data includes the immigrants from Asia, America, Oceania, and Africa, etc. who established themselves as the permanent residents in the Germany and didn’t remain only the so called visitors or tourists.

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Though, the number didn’t include the other four million immigrants from the European countries, who are settled in the Germany. This massive immigration influx is twice compared to the Cold War era, i.e. 1980-1990, when Turkish workers welcomed by the then West Germany in huge numbers. Though, the idea of the Germany policy at that time was to help the immigrant workers settle again in Turkey after earning some valuable bucks, however, most of those works, stayed in Germany only in that era. As a result, today, the Turkish community is the second largest in the country after the Germans themselves.

Germany is an ideal destination to move for Young Skilled Workers

Germany is one of the best countries to move to for the young and talented skilled works, particularly, for the ones who have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) background. There is a great demand of STEM graduates in Germany; this is the reason that it offers considerably high wages to the international skilled workers with STEM background.

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It probably offers the best wages in the world to the STEM graduates. This is the reason that most youngsters today desire to move to Germany to earn in Euros and establish a wonderful career in one of the best European nations.

Want to move to Germany?

If you are a STEM graduate and wish to immigrate to and work in Germany, the German Job Seeker Visa is the ideal visa option for you. It allows you to live and find job in Germany for up to six months. If you have fond the suitable job within this period, you can always convert your Germany Job Seeker Visa into the work permit in Germany. The Work Permit can further be converted in to permanent visa, if you meet the required criteria.

So, if you have plans to move to Germany in 2017, contact a reliable and registered immigration consultant today, confirm the process details, and apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa.

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A few gloomy Changes to H-1B Visa are forcing the US immigration aspirants to think about Canada

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As the USA has announced some gloomy changes to the H-1B Visa processing, a vast number of US visa aspirants are considering planning immigration to Canada. The H-1B visa is a popular US work visa, through which, the US employers hire skilled worker from overseas. The popularity of this visa is evident from the fact that last year, 3 times more candidates than the annual quota, applied for this visa.

In view of huge demand for this H-1B Visa, the US immigration department selects the applicants for this visa through a lottery system. However, now the US administration has announced to suspend the fast processing of the H-1b visa.

Canada is all set to accept the international workers finding it difficult to move to US

The Canadian companies, especially, the IT sector is making all efforts to lure the international workers, who are finding it difficult to move to US after the recent immigration orders by the Trump administration. The Canadian government is also offering multiple pathways for such overseas skilled workers to immigrate to Canada.

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It all started when the US president Donald Trump imposed travel ban on the immigrants from seven Muslim countries. The Canadian immigration along with Prime Minister John Trudeau issued statements to provide temporary residence to all such immigrants’ workers affected by travel ban order issued by the US administration. And with the recent H-1B visa orders, Canada is expecting even more international workers in the country.

Gloomy Changes announced in H-1B Visa

As of now, the employers submitting application for the issuance of H-1B Visa for their overseas employees, can make the processing faster by paying $1,225 as additional charge for ‘Premium’ or faster processing of applications, i.e. within 15 days. In this case if the visa is not processed within the specified time, the fee will get refunded by the US immigration or department.

With no ‘Premium’ processing, the application may take 3-6 months for processing. However, vide new order, w.e.f. April 3, 2017, the ‘Premium’ faster H-1B visa processing option will be suspended for next 6 months by the US administration. Such change in H-1B Visa processing was expected in view of President Trump’s stand on this visa category. He has on many occasions criticized the essence of this visa, mentioning it as not good for the US workers.

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Canada’s Immigration Policy is just opposite to the US

On the contrary, the Canadian government has really eased the immigration rules and system in Canada to facilitate the entry of overseas skilled workers and their families. It is in process to launch its Global Talent Stream, which will offer two weeks processing time for Canadian work permit. The government has already reduced the processing time for family reunification to 12 months from 24 months last year. Apart from this, they have announced many such steps to facilitate the entry of immigrants in the country.

Canada also needs skilled and talented immigrants from overseas for its fast growing industries, in view of ongoing skill shortage and ageing population. So, looking at the immigration scenario in both Canada and United State of America, the Canada is surely the top choice for immigration aspirants.

Finally, if you are one among such aspirants of immigration and overseas visa, you may get in touch with a reliable Canadian immigration Consultant to prepare your immigration documents and apply in the relevant Canada immigration program.

Why you need an Immigration Consultant to apply for Canadian Visa in 2017?

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If you have gone through the title, you must be looking for the answer of the question too. In fact, most of the people who aspire to live, work or settle in Canada, want to know whether or not they should hire a consultant for Canada immigration and permanent residency process.

Well, there are two aspects of the answer of this question. Let’s explore the both.

Do you need an Immigration Consultant for Canada immigration in 2017?

The fist aspect is how well you are prepared for immigration to Canada. The preparations can be of various kind, when you are moving to the incredible maple leaf country. If you follow the Canada immigration process updates, immigration rule changes, instructions and guidelines, etc. you can apply on your own as well.

If you are thorough with the process, your chances of making mistake are minimum and you are more likely apply for the visa correctly.

  1. On the other end, if you are not much aware of the immigration rules, process guidelines, and frequent changes being announced by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, it is wise to take service from a reliable and registered Canadian Visa and Immigration Consultant. The second point needs a bit further elaboration.

Frequent Canada Immigration Rule Changes in last couple of years

The Canada Immigration process has undergone various changes in last couple of years. The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have announced various changes in the immigration process and immigration rules. The key reason behind this has been induction of new federal government in Canada.

Liberals are known for their soft stance on immigration, hence, several immigration rules have been eased in last one year or so. So, overall most of the changes have been positive for the immigration and visa applicants. Let’s take a look at the key immigration changes announced in last one year by the Canadian government.

  • Revised the Express Entry point system
  • Doubled the application intake of Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP)
  • Family reunification processing time reduced to half
  • Points to international students to apply for Canadian permanent residency
  • Removal of ‘Four in Four out’ and ‘Conditional Permanent residency’ provision applicable to certain applicants.
  • Extending the time period for submitting visa application after receiving the invite from IRCC from 60 days to 90 days.

A common man often don’t follow or understand the frequent immigration rule changes, however, the immigration consultants, being the professionals, often follow even the minute process details and changes, and use the same while helping you in submission of visa application.

How an Immigration Consultant can help you in Canada immigration?

If you have hired a genuine and registered Canadian immigration consultant, it can provide you vital immigration advice and assistance in visa and immigration process for Canada. However, make sure that you hire a consultant with proper accreditation status and authenticity. For further assistance with regards to Canada immigration and visa process, you may drop an email to the expert at