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What is a trustworthy consultancy for a Canadian or Australian immigration in Pune?

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Well, any trustworthy Advisory Service for a Canadian or Australian immigration in Pune, should be accredited by the immigration regulatory body of the country you are moving to. This is the most important thing toconfirm, when you are looking foran agency for visa help.

Accredited Service for immigration

All agents or agencies offering assistance or support for Canada or Australia immigration process needs to be accredited by ICCRC(for Canada) or MARA (in case of Australia). Hence, always check the accreditation status.

Efficiency and Success rate in obtaining visa approval

How many or visa applicants your helping agency has helped in obtaining visa is an important question to ask. It must have a sound success rate in terms of helping the visa applicants get the desired visa. There is no point having full flash office and accreditation, if you are not capable to get the visa approval.

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Based on the above mentioned criteria, Visas Avenue Immigration is one of the best Advisory Service for immigration to Canada and Australia. It is a foremost, famous and registered agency for PR process of both the countries.Since, about 80 percent of immigration process in both Canada and Australia is online, you may get help of consultant from any part of the world. You may contact any of VA offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad.

If you have plans to move Canada or Australia this year, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue- a trusted Consultancy Service in Mumbai for immigration to Canada or may contact the Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your immigration and visa documentation process associated queries to e-mail


Are you looking for the best Immigration consultant for Australia & Canada in Bangalore?

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Well, at now, various consultants are active, however, to select the best immigration consultant for Australia and Canada in Bangalore, you need to make efforts and explore the good consultants in the region. First of all make certain the consultant you choose a registered consultant for immigration to either Australia or Canada. The registered consultant will be accredited with the immigration regulatory body in the country.

For instance, ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is the immigration regulatory body in Canada, hence, the consultant providing immigration assistance for Canada needs to be accredited with ICCRC. Similarly MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority) is the regulatory authority for Australia, hence, consultancies providing immigration process assistance for Australia immigration needs to be accredited by MARA.

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Also make certain the consultancy service you choose has good record of accomplishments, when it comes to helping people obtain the visa approval. Excellent efficiency and client service is also essential along with the accreditation status. It must have a reasonable consultancy charges and transparent process with no hidden charges, etc. Considering all the above key aspects of the best immigration consultants, Visas Avenue Immigration at MG Road, Bangalore is the best and efficient immigration consultant in Bangalore city. It is not only a registered consultant for immigration, but also quite efficient in terms of achieving results for its clients. It has tremendous record in terms of helping applicants obtain PR visa approval. It keeps the process uncomplicated and smooth for the clients with no hidden charges involved.

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Apart from Bangalore, Visas Avenue also has its branches in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. You may also speak to Visas Avenue immigration expert on Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, email your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail –

Which is the better country to settle permanently in, Canada or Australia?

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Canada or Australia is top immigration destinations in the word as every year tens of thousands of people immigrate to these two countries. When it comes to best immigration destination, not much is there to choose from between the Australia and Canada.

As per recent US News and World Report survey, Canada is 2nd best country in the world for immigrants, while Australia ranks at 4th position in the same list.

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As just discussed Canada is 2nd best, country in the world for immigrants, and it is quite evident as well when we see the number of facilities being provided to immigrants by Canadian government. The best thing about Canada immigration is its lenient immigration policy. Today, when most of the advanced nations making their immigration rules stern to control the number of immigrants in their respective countries, Canada is still accepting the immigrants in the country in huge numbers.

As per Canada’s Multiyear plan from 2018 to 2020, it will invite close to one million immigrants in next three years. Canada is facing skill shortage due to low population growth and ageing workforce and hence, need skilled workers for its fast growing industries. As per a recent report Canada needs close to 1,90,000 ICT graduates by 2019 to fill the upcoming vacancies. Hence, there is great scope career and new life in Canada for immigrants.


Australia too is the favorite immigration destination of immigrants all over the world. The immigration rate of Australia is incredible over the last few years. Like Canada, Australia too requires skilled and talented immigrant workers to fill the vacancies across its different states and territories. Australia every year release in demand occupation list, i.e. Skilled Occupation lists, to invite applications from skilled workers from different parts of the world. It probably offers best wages to skilled professionals from IT and engineering, etc. sectors.

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Hence, it’s certainly a difficult choice to make between Canada and Australia. However, I would say if you are planning to settle in a new country with family, Canada should be the preferred choice in view of its easy immigration rules, soft family reunification policy, and tolerant society.

On the other hand, if you are a youngster, who have aspires to get high wages and vibrant lifestyle; you should choose Australia as your immigration destination.

if you have plans to apply for PR visa in Canada or Australia and you may get in touch with certified immigration experts at Visas Avenue Immigration.

You may call at contact nos. 011-48447777, 011-46194650 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), 040-42467777 (Hyderabad), or 022-26813600 (Mumbai) or on email Alternatively, you can fill the visa assistance service.

Cultural Difference between Canada and Australia from Point of view of an Indian Immigrant

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Canada and Australia both are most preferred countries for Indians when it comes to overseas immigration and permanent residency. Millions of individuals and families from India are already settled in both these countries and many immigrate every year to these two incredibly good immigration hotspot countries. Moreover, both the countries welcome the highly skilled and talented professionals from India with open arms.

What it’s like to Move Australia or Canada from India?

In case you have plans to move one of these countries, you must be keen to know which country you may connect better or which country will be a better option in terms of career growth, social security benefits and job opportunities, etc. Let’s do a brief analysis of both the countries from Indian point of view to understand the basic difference between the two.

Overview of life in Canada and Australia from Indian point of view

If you are moving to Canada or Australia from India, the biggest similarity you will find here is multicultural society. Likewise India, Australia, and Canada are widely popular for their diversified culture and society. Both the countries are home to people with different languages, religions, cultures, customs, race, and beliefs. Now, if you want to see these countries as a destination to choose for immigration, here is the separate assessment of both.

Canada for Indian Immigrants

Canada is known for its soft immigration policies. Defying the negative immigration wave across the America, Europe and other countries, Canada accepted 40,000 Syrian refugees last year. Its immigration target was over 300,000 for year 2016 and this year to it plans to welcome the same number of immigrants with increased economic immigration this time around.

It’s also a wonderful country to settle with family, with its low crime rate, democratic polices, tolerant society, multiple social security benefits for citizens and permanent residents, etc. It embraces all the cultures and religions. The special reason that binds Indians to Canada is the huge Indian community living in Canada. So, if you are planning to move to Canada as Indians, you have enough reasons to justify your decision.

Australia for Indian immigrants

Australia is a vibrant country full of life. If you are desperate young skilled worker looking for a dynamic career and high income jobs abroad along with a vigorous lifestyle, Australia is the place for you. Australia takes pride on its cheerful nightlife, magnificent beaches, sports and recreational activities, and cultural diversity. So, if you are looking for all these things, you should consider Australia Immigration from India.

Immigration process of both the countries is also streamlined and most organized with well defined immigration programs and skilled visa categories for permanent residency or temporary immigration.

Looking for Trusted Visa Consultancy for Australia or Canada immigration?

If you are looking for a trusted Visa and immigration consultancy company for immigration to Canada or Australia, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue Immigration. Visas Avenue is a leading and registered Overseas Immigration Consultancy Company that specializes in Australia and Canada immigration and PR process. You may call the experts at Visas Avenue on contact nos. 011-48447777, 011-46194650 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad). To forward your queries via email, you can drop an email to Visas Avenue email id-

How does Citizenship & Permanent Residency (PR) differ in terms of Immigration to Canada or Australia?

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Canada and Australia both have wonderful setup and policies for immigrants coming to these countries every year. A huge number of immigrants every year immigrate to Australia and Canada and most of them often go on to settle permanently in these countries. Hence, the aspirants of immigration across the world remain curious to know about their immigration process, visa categories, immigration policy and settlement process.

Both Australia and Canada have a few similarities as well; hence, they easily become alternate option for the immigrants as well. A question that bothers most of the immigration aspirant about these countries is the difference between their citizenship and permanent residency status. So, let’s try to find out the key differences between the citizenship and PR in both the countries.


A citizenship of Canada and Australia is the one who holds the passport of the country he lives in and enjoys all the rights, privileges, and benefits allocated to him/her by the government and constitution of the country.

Permanent Residency Status

A permanent resident of Canada and Australia can live in these countries permanently to enjoy most of the rights and privileges similar to a citizen. However, the Permanent Residency is basically a status or visa granted to overseas immigrants with certain conditions that allows them to live, work and study anywhere in Canada or Australia on a permanent basis. As we all know that a permanent resident also enjoys most of rights and privileges like a citizen, however, still there are a few things that differentiate a permanent resident from a citizenship in Australia or Canada.

Things not allowed to a permanent resident of Canada or Australia

Here are the key things that differentiate a permanent resident from a citizen of Australia or Canada.

Australian PR

  • A permanent resident cannot vote or run a political office.
  • The PR visa of an Australian permanent resident is usually valid for travel for up to 5 years. However, if you move outside Australia after five years, you will have to apply for RRV (Resident Return Visa) or Australian citizenship to come back to Australia. The RRV will be valid for travel for next five years.
  • Australian permanent residency status can be revoked and PR visa holder can be deported if convicted of any crime or criminal activity, etc.
  • Permanent residents can’t get an Australian Passport
  • Can’t get employed in certain occupations that require high level of security clearance, i.e. defense forces, public sector, etc.

Canadian PR

Here are the key things that are not allowed to a Canadian PR:

  • A permanent resident cannot vote or run a political office.
  • Canadian permanent residency status can be revoked and PR visa holder can be deported if convicted of any crime or criminal activity, etc.
  • Canadian PR needs to be in Canada 2 out of every 5 years to maintain status
  • Permanent residents can’t get an Canadian Passport
  • Can’t get employed in certain occupations that require high level of security clearance, i.e. defense forces, etc.

However, despite everything the permanent resident still enjoys several social security benefits and rights similar to a citizen, this is the reason that demand of PR status of Canada and Australia is huge among the immigration aspirants across the world.

Looking to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada or Australia? Here is how you can get key support

If you wish to be a permanent resident of Canada or Australia, Visas Avenue immigration can provide you vital support and assistance in immigration process and visa filing. All you need to do is contact the certified Client service manager or immigration specialist at below contact details:

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You can also send your immigration queries along with your profile details to Visas Avenue immigration expert at email id- Visas Avenue Immigration is the trusted, popular and certified Immigration and Visa Consultancy Company that help immigrants to apply for work, PR, tourist or student visa in countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, etc.

Which Country offers Better Job opportunities to Immigrants- Canada or Australia?

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Canada and Australia are two of the immigration hotspot destinations on the world map. Both share terrific similarities as well in terms of advance infrastructure, decent economy, cultural diversity, multiple job opportunities, immigrant friendly policies, and quality of life, etc.

However, the thing that makes most of the immigration aspirants anxious about immigration to a new country is the availability of job opportunities. Every immigrant remains concerned thinking whether or not he/she will get the relevant job opportunities or job options at the new place or not. Well, if you are planning to move to one of the two countries, i.e. Canada or Australia, let’s find out which one among the two offer the best job opportunities.

Job opportunities in Canada Vs Australia

Both Canada and Australia are wonderful countries for new immigrants and offer them multiple benefits too. However, comparison is quite difficult to make between the two, specifically when there is no set parameter to judge the same.

Now, from an immigrant’s point of view, the job opportunities in any of these countries depend on various factors, i.e. occupation of an immigrant, demand of occupations in a particular country, etc.

Demand of occupations

The demand of occupation plays a vital role in the number of job opportunities in a country. For instance, there is great demand of Accountants, Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers in Australia at now. About 4,000 occupations were listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of 2016-17 and still there over 2300 occupations are left to apply for the year. While in Canada, there is significant demand of construction, mining, and engineering associated occupations. Software Engineers or IT Professionals are equally high in demand in both Canada and Australia. In general, there are a few occupations, which are greatly in demand in both Canada and Australia, i.e. Engineering, IT, Accounts, and finance, healthcare, Construction and manufacturing, etc.

Transparent and Centralized System

Talking about in demand occupations, Australia has more transparent and centralized system to announce and list down the in demand occupations compared to Canada. Though, a few provinces of Canada also released their in demand occupation list annually. However, Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) are more centralized, transparent, and organized. With SOL and CSOL it becomes easy to find the high demand occupations and their occupation ceiling value (cap limit) for the year.

Other key factors

Apart from the availability of job opportunities, other factors also matter when you land in a country as a new immigrant. These factors are i.e. support services for new immigrants, cost of living, acceptance for immigrants in the society, etc. When we rank the countries based on these factors, Canada certainly tops the list.

Seek assistance to apply for Work or PR Visa in Canada or Australia?

If you seek support or assistance to apply for Work, PR, Student, or tourist Visa in Canada or Australia, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue Immigration. Visas Avenue is the top Immigration and Visa Consultancy Firm in India that specializes in Canada and Australia Immigration process. It offers comprehensive process support Canada and Australia immigration from start till the approval of Visa.

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How Your Proficiency in English Language helps in Immigration to Canada or Australia?

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English is largely spoken language across the world. It is spoken in most of the advanced nations of the world. Hence, when you are moving to any English speaking advanced country, i.e. Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, etc. from a nation where English is not the first language, you need to have proficiency in the English communication. It becomes even more essential when you are immigrating to an advanced nation as a skilled worker.

English Communication Requirement for Immigration to Canada or Australia

In countries like Canada or Australia where point system is in practice for immigration, proficiency in English plays a key role in ensuring your Skilled Migration visa. Both Australia and Canada follows a point based immigration system wherein points are given to your each profile factor, i.e. age, work experience, language proficiency, qualification, etc. Proficiency in English language can get you considerable immigration points when you are applying for immigration to Canada or Australia. Let’s take a look.

English Language Proficiency Points in Australia

As per Australia’s immigration system, you must score minimum level 6 in IELTS test for English language proficiency to qualify as an applicant. Though, level 6 doesn’t give you any point. Hence, to ensure the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for visa from DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection); you must score better than the minimum level. For instance, score of IELTS level 8 provides you 20 points.

English Language Proficiency Points in Canada

In Canada, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) need minimum English language proficiency as CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) – 7 (i.e. IELTS Level 6). However, to enhance your chances of getting ITA (invitation to apply) from IRCC, you must try to achieve better language proficiency in English. For instance, CLB 9 (i.e. IELTS 7 with 8 in listening), provides you 6 points for each ability, which is equal to 24 points in total.

Other key Benefits of English Language Proficiency

Apart from earning the immigration points, proficiency in English language can also help you integrate with communities fast, when you land in Canada or Australia. Good communication skills in English language help you a lot in office communication, community relations, making contacts, etc. when you move to an English speaking country.

IELTS Test for English Proficiency

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular and globally accepted test to determine your proficiency level in English Language. This test is organized throughout the year every month. You can register for an IELTS in any month to sit in a test and obtain and get your proficiency level verified officially. A few Immigration consultants also offer the language coaching to prepare the applicants for immigration.

Need Assistance to prepare for immigration to Canada or Australia?

If you wish to get vital support and assistance for Immigration to Canada or Australia, Visas Avenue can be your crucial mentor and immigration partner. It offers diverse consultancy services to the visa applicants to help them prepare well for immigration to Canada, Australia etc. countries.

Visas Avenue go an extra mile to help applicants obtaining ECA, IELTS Test result, providing Language coaching, following up the visa, etc. apart from offering the routine Visa Consultancy Services. To discuss your immigration plan, you may call the Visas Avenue expert on contact nos. 011-48447777, 011-46194650 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad). You may also drop an email to Visas Avenue email id-