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With the record Population Increase, Victoria is now the most desired place for immigrants coming to Australia

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Australia is a home to many world-class cities. In fact, its several cities rank among the top livable cities in the world. However, in the recent past, a few cities in Australia have really been the talk of the town for being the favorite immigration destination. Victoria is certainly one among such incredible and desired cities among the immigrants coming to this part of the world.

Victoria- the New Immigration Hotspot destination in Australia

The Victoria has become the hotspot immigration destination in Australia as most of the overseas and internal immigrants are traveling here every year. As per the latest statistics of Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Victoria has increased by 1.9% in last one year.

The other states are far behind Victoria in terms of population growth, i.e.

  • Western Australia – 1.2%,
  • New South Wales- 1.4%
  • Tasmania and the Northern Territory- 0.4%
  • South Australia- 0.6%
  • Australian Capital Territory/Queensland- 1.3%

Highest Population increase in Victoria since 2009

Traditionally, New South Wales was the key destination for immigrants, in view of the incredible city of Sydney. However, the state has recorded the lowest immigration in last three years.

On the other end, Victoria has registered record population since June, 2009. Both Victoria and New South Wales together have been the major contributors in the overall population of Australia.

Competition for Immigrants among NSW and Victoria

Both Victoria and New South Wales are seemed to be having the healthy competition for attracting new foreign immigrants. The statistics also confirms this rivalry among these two Australian a states, as 73.9% percent of all immigrants to Australia chose to settle either Victoria or New South Wales.

Out of total immigrants to Australia, 34.7% chose to settle in Victoria, while 39.1% selected New South Wales to reside. The Immigration figures to other Australian states and territories have been either the same or lower than the earlier.

Victoria is also popular choice for immigration within Australia

Victoria is also being preferred by a huge number of people moving within Australia. The interstate migration in Victoria has also increased by 48.6% in last one year. The other key states including New South Wales has saw considerable out migration in last one year.

Melbourne- the fastest expanding City in Australia

As per the experts, rising cost of accommodation is the key reasons that more and more people leaving Sydney- the NSW capital. On the other end, though, the prices are still high in Victoria; however, it is still reasonable compared to the NSW Capital.

Melbourne is the fastest growing city of Australia at the moment. It may well exceed the Sydney in a decade and half to become the biggest city in Australia in terms of population. As per the latest EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) report it was ranked as the most livable city in the world, in the sixth consecutive year.

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