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The festive Season Registered Record number of People coming to Australia

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The current festive season registered a record number of people arriving in Australia. As per ABF (Australian Border Force) statistics, 1.49 million passed through the international airports of the ‘Kangaroo Land’ during the festive holidays. Though, Australia is already known for attracting huge number of immigrants and tourists, however, the current festive season has set a new record for number arrivals.

ABF Statistics revealed record arrivals during Festive period

Australian Border Force (ABF) statistics have revealed that during the festive holiday season (between December 22, 2016 and January 02, 2017) total number of visits and departure via international airports of Australia has increased to 9.9 percent compared to last year. Record Rise in arrivals as well as departures even continued till January 08, 2017.

International Airports in different Australian States remained busy during Holiday Period

The international airports in various states of Australia remained busy during the festive holiday period. Australian state Sydney registered highest number of visitors (278,952 visitors), with a rise of 8.8 percent. Moreover, total number of departures through Sydney International airport was 328,768 with a boost of 9.6 percent compared to last year.

A biggest percent rise (29.1 percent) in total number of travelers was observed in Darwin compared to last year. Adelaide was not far behind with a rise of 23.3 percent during the fest holiday season last year. International Airport of Melbourne city of Australia registered 170,939 visitors with a boost of 13.4% and while total 210,811 departures recorded with a rise of 12.8%. The SmartGates placed at Australian International Airports have played a key role in the faster processing of valid travelers, confirmed the Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Border Command.

The Management and Technology at Airports managed the increased number of travels

Though, the number of travelers increased significantly through the Australian International airports, however, the same was handled quite well by the border protection team and administration. Moreover, the security and protection of the passengers as well as the staff was ensured on priority during the peak holiday period.

The number of travels through Australian international airports is raising drastically over the years, however, the technology and exceptional administration at the airports is managing the border security and the smooth travel incredibly well.

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Want to get PR in Australia as Engineering professional? Apply fast to secure your place

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If you want to live, work and get Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia as Engineering professional, this could be the last chance, as at now, limited occupations are left to apply. Australia only invites limited number of skilled migrants annually for in demand occupations across its various states and territories, as per its Skilled Occupation List (SOL). And as per its annual SOL quota, only few applications are left for the current year that ends within next six months.

Limited quota of application left to apply as Engineering professional in Australia

As per occupation ceiling limit of Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL), only limited invitations are left to apply under every engineering occupation. Here is the current status of the occupation list for 2016-17.

Occupations Annual Quota for 2016-17 Invites till date
Chemical and Materials Engineers 1000 399
Civil Engineering Professionals 2174 908
Electrical Engineers 1254 500
Electronics Engineers 1000 647
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 1539 1331
Other Engineering Professionals 1000 794


Why you must apply fast for Engineering Professions in Australia?

If you are an engineering professional looking to live and work in Australia, you must apply as early as possible. As already described above, just limited positions are left to apply as per the Skilled Occupation List 2016-17 of Australia. The SOL gets updated every year and consequently, some occupations get added and some get deleted from the list. Hence, if you don’t apply now under your specified occupation, there is no assurance whether your occupation will remain in the SOL for next year or not. So, if you are serious about working in Australia, you must apply fast for visa under your specific occupation.

How to apply for PR visa under your occupation?

As per the Australia’s skilled visa process, you must choose an occupation from relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). Subsequently, you must choose a relevant skilled visa to apply for PR in Australia, i.e.

  • Skill Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skill Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Australia’s skilled migration system is point based hence; wherein you need to score minimum 60 points based on your key profile factors, i.e. education, age, work experience, language skill, etc. to qualify as an applicant of skilled visa in Australia. You may check your immigration points on Australia Immigration Point Calculator  to confirm your eligibility status.

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Significant Growth in Australian Tourism Industry, courtesy Asian Visitors

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Australia’s tourism industry has registered significant growth compared to the rest of the economy as per the latest reports. Australia is known for its scenic landscape and exceptionally wonderful locations among millions of tourists across the globe. And it seems that all the tourist destinations of Australia, i.e. marvelous beaches, incredible wildlife attractions, barrier reef, etc. in top cities of Australia, are luring more number of visitors than ever at the moment.

Moreover, the significant efforts and investment made by government of Australia to boost tourism in the country is also paying off the rich dividends. Outdoor locations of Sydney and Melbourne are especially a key attraction for a huge number of tourists coming to Australia ever year.

Asians contributing largely to the growth of Australian Tourism

The latest survey report on International visitors has confirmed that this growth in Australian tourism industry is largely due to the people coming from Asian countries, such as, China, Korea, Japan, India, etc. In last one year, tourism has the share of $12.3 billion in the economy of Australia.

China is leading the list of Asian countries that have contributed greatly in the tourism growth of Australia over last one year, with the total share of 20%. The report says that the tourists from China have spent more than $9 billion yearly in Australia. This in fact was the target set for 4 years under Tourism 2020 strategy by the tourism Australia and the government. However, as per the Australian Tourism minister, they will continue to work on their policy of attracting more tourists to enhance the tourism growth factor, irrespective of the fact that target planned for four years has already been achieved.

There are also encouraging signs from Japan and Korea, as the contribution from these countries to Australian tourism has jumped to 22 percent and 29 percent respectively with tourists’ expenditure of $1.6 billion from each country.

Both Arrivals of Foreign tourists and expenditure at record level

Both arrivals of foreign tourists as well as expenditure from them in Australia have reached at record level in last one year. In last one year to September, 2016, about 1.8 million foreign visitors arrived in Australia with a total upsurge of 11 percent. These tourists have spent a total of %38.8 billion to the economy of Australia.

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A Few Key Changes Implemented in Australia Immigration Rules

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Australia always remains in news being an advanced and imperative nation of the world. However, in last few months it has been in news due to its changing immigration trends and immigration rules. Any change in Australia’s immigration rules or policy, often have huge impact on millions of people in the world as it’s the most desired immigration destination.

Key immigration rule changes in Australia

A few key immigration rule changes have been implemented in Australia effective November, 2016. Here is the key immigration rule changes implemented.

  • Reduction of extended stay period for Subclass 457 visa holders

The extended stay period for those 457 visa holders, whose sponsored employment contract is over, has been reduced to 60 days. Earlier, Temporary Work subclass 457 visa holders were allowed to stay till 90 days in Australia, after their employment contract is over.

  • Amendment in the Temporary Activity Visa framework

The temporary work visa framework of Australia has been amended to make the process smooth and hassle free. The key changes include the elimination of certain nomination and sponsorship requirement, merging of few visa subclasses, lodging the online application, and formation of new combined sponsor category.

  • New Temporary Work Visas launched w.e.f. November 19, 2016

Here are the four new temporary Work Visas launched by the government w.e.f. November 19, 2016:

  • Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa
  • Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa
  • Subclass 407 Training visa
  • Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa.
  • Restricting the number of individuals can be considered for dependent visa under ‘member of the family unit’

The individuals who belongs to below category cannot be considered under the ‘member of the family unit’ to grant the dependent visa, i.e.

  • Family members outside of the nuclear family and
  • Children and stepchildren over the age of 23
  • The sponsors of a few family visas require completing a character assessment

On and after November 18, 2016, the sponsors of partner visa or prospective marriage visa, need to give relevant PCC (Police clearance certificate) to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) whenever demanded.

  • New verification step to make certain that the visa holders’ information is true and up to date

A few visa holders will now need to pass a revalidation check, which will make certain that their details and information is true and up to date, and that such visa holders still fulfill the parameters of their visas and hence, they are no ways a threat or danger to Australia.

  • Work and Holiday visa holders can now apply for new Work and Holiday visas in certain conditions

Work and Holiday subclass 462 visa holders who have commenced a specific work under 462 Visa in northern Australia, after November 18, for minimum 3 months or 88 days in the tourism or agriculture industries, can be entitled to apply for and acquire a 2nd Work and Holiday visa.

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Which is the most multicultural and immigrant friendly country in the world?

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Immigration is surely a big decision in life of an individual. It is a decision that impacts your career growth, future, and lifestyle as an overseas immigrant in long run. Hence, you would want to immigrate to a country which is perfect in terms of all aspects of human living.

For most of the immigrants, immigration is not just about moving to a new country, but finding a new home with friendly environment and communities, democratic policies, world class education system, social security benefits, and ideal setup for raising a family. Hence, when it comes to moving to a new country, every aspirant often asks this question, i.e.

Which Country Support Cultural Diversity and immigrants the most?

There are several countries in the world, which are known for their cultural diversity and for welcoming significant number of immigrants annually. For instance, USA is traditionally the most culturally diverse nation that invites huge number of immigrants every year. The UK, Germany, France, etc. countries are also known for their diversity and high immigration rate. However, the truth is for last one decade or so the USA and most of the European countries are tightening their immigration policies to reduce the immigration level in the country.

So, when it comes to truly immigrant friendly policies and massive immigration influx annually, Canada and Australia comes right on the top of list.

Canada and Australia- The top multicultural and immigrant friendly countries in the world

Australia along with Canada is known for welcoming millions of immigrants in a year under different visa categories, i.e. Work visa, Permanent Residency Visa, Visit Visa, Family category visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, and Working Holiday Visa, etc.

Australia every year, welcomes tens of thousands of people from India, China, UK, etc. countries. Australia is huge country that has a vast immigrant population that belongs to different ethnicities and cultures. It offers all the facilities and benefits to all the immigrants and residents without any discrimination.

Similarly, Canada too is huge country by area that is known for its culturally diverse population from all parts of the world, i.e. India, China, UK, Philippines, Pakistan, USA, France, etc. In Canada, people with different religions, cultural identities, races, customs, and nationalities, etc. live together with peace and harmony. Canada also has immigrant friendly policies, including the several family reunification rules, etc.

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Australia to revise its Short Term Visa Occupation List

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The immigration Minister of Australia, Peter Dutton has announced that there will be changes in the Short Term Skilled Occupation List of Australia. The Short Term Skilled Occupation List of Australia presently contains 650 occupations that are obtainable for Subclass 457 Visa. This is a short term visa that allows the overseas skilled workers to live and work in Australia for up to four years. However, the applicants of this visa, first needs to be sponsored by an employer in Australia.

We may see the cut down in the list

As per the Immigration Minister, the number of jobs may get reduced in the Short Term Skilled Occupation list. At now, this list gets reviewed on yearly basis. However, this time around, we may see the cut down in the list in view of huge pressure from trade unions and political leaders regarding making the jobs available for the Australians, said Dutton.

Immigration Department Need to Strike Balance, When it comes to Considering the Skill Shortage

In the current list, there are variety of occupations with different qualification and salary level, i.e. Cabinet Makers, General Practitioners, Cooks, etc.

There are a few occupations that are not that much in shortage in the big cities, i.e. Cook, however, shortage of such occupations is definitely there in the regional Australia. Hence, the immigration department needs to strike the right balance.

Need to focus more on the shortage in the Regional Areas

As per Dutton, in certain parts of the country, there is a genuine shortage of the some occupations, i.e. Health providers, Hospitality, etc. In these areas, it is difficult to find workers. On the other end, there are cities where there is excess. The people mostly want to work in big cities or capital cities; however, it is quite difficult to find workers for the regional parts of the country.

Issues with regard to 457 visa program

There are various disputes associated with the 457 Visa program in Australia. It has been observed that a few employers accept payment from the employees for the 457 visa deal. However, the government has taken steps and enforced the laws to make this a criminal offence. The tightening up the visa and advertising arrangements will surely prevent such incidents in future. The process has been designed as such that the employers in Australia must connect or try to connect the workers in Australia, prior to considering the 457 program mentioned Dutton.

Hence, the government must get the balance right, at one end, it can’t afford that jobs are being allotted to overseas workers, when Australian workers are there to take up the positions. On the other end, they also can’t afford that jobs remain unfilled in the areas, where there is genuine shortage due to unavailability of Australian workers, as it will harm the productivity and economy of the country.

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