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Which is the most multicultural and immigrant friendly country in the world?

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Immigration is surely a big decision in life of an individual. It is a decision that impacts your career growth, future, and lifestyle as an overseas immigrant in long run. Hence, you would want to immigrate to a country which is perfect in terms of all aspects of human living.

For most of the immigrants, immigration is not just about moving to a new country, but finding a new home with friendly environment and communities, democratic policies, world class education system, social security benefits, and ideal setup for raising a family. Hence, when it comes to moving to a new country, every aspirant often asks this question, i.e.

Which Country Support Cultural Diversity and immigrants the most?

There are several countries in the world, which are known for their cultural diversity and for welcoming significant number of immigrants annually. For instance, USA is traditionally the most culturally diverse nation that invites huge number of immigrants every year. The UK, Germany, France, etc. countries are also known for their diversity and high immigration rate. However, the truth is for last one decade or so the USA and most of the European countries are tightening their immigration policies to reduce the immigration level in the country.

So, when it comes to truly immigrant friendly policies and massive immigration influx annually, Canada and Australia comes right on the top of list.

Canada and Australia- The top multicultural and immigrant friendly countries in the world

Australia along with Canada is known for welcoming millions of immigrants in a year under different visa categories, i.e. Work visa, Permanent Residency Visa, Visit Visa, Family category visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, and Working Holiday Visa, etc.

Australia every year, welcomes tens of thousands of people from India, China, UK, etc. countries. Australia is huge country that has a vast immigrant population that belongs to different ethnicities and cultures. It offers all the facilities and benefits to all the immigrants and residents without any discrimination.

Similarly, Canada too is huge country by area that is known for its culturally diverse population from all parts of the world, i.e. India, China, UK, Philippines, Pakistan, USA, France, etc. In Canada, people with different religions, cultural identities, races, customs, and nationalities, etc. live together with peace and harmony. Canada also has immigrant friendly policies, including the several family reunification rules, etc.

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Australia to revise its Short Term Visa Occupation List

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The immigration Minister of Australia, Peter Dutton has announced that there will be changes in the Short Term Skilled Occupation List of Australia. The Short Term Skilled Occupation List of Australia presently contains 650 occupations that are obtainable for Subclass 457 Visa. This is a short term visa that allows the overseas skilled workers to live and work in Australia for up to four years. However, the applicants of this visa, first needs to be sponsored by an employer in Australia.

We may see the cut down in the list

As per the Immigration Minister, the number of jobs may get reduced in the Short Term Skilled Occupation list. At now, this list gets reviewed on yearly basis. However, this time around, we may see the cut down in the list in view of huge pressure from trade unions and political leaders regarding making the jobs available for the Australians, said Dutton.

Immigration Department Need to Strike Balance, When it comes to Considering the Skill Shortage

In the current list, there are variety of occupations with different qualification and salary level, i.e. Cabinet Makers, General Practitioners, Cooks, etc.

There are a few occupations that are not that much in shortage in the big cities, i.e. Cook, however, shortage of such occupations is definitely there in the regional Australia. Hence, the immigration department needs to strike the right balance.

Need to focus more on the shortage in the Regional Areas

As per Dutton, in certain parts of the country, there is a genuine shortage of the some occupations, i.e. Health providers, Hospitality, etc. In these areas, it is difficult to find workers. On the other end, there are cities where there is excess. The people mostly want to work in big cities or capital cities; however, it is quite difficult to find workers for the regional parts of the country.

Issues with regard to 457 visa program

There are various disputes associated with the 457 Visa program in Australia. It has been observed that a few employers accept payment from the employees for the 457 visa deal. However, the government has taken steps and enforced the laws to make this a criminal offence. The tightening up the visa and advertising arrangements will surely prevent such incidents in future. The process has been designed as such that the employers in Australia must connect or try to connect the workers in Australia, prior to considering the 457 program mentioned Dutton.

Hence, the government must get the balance right, at one end, it can’t afford that jobs are being allotted to overseas workers, when Australian workers are there to take up the positions. On the other end, they also can’t afford that jobs remain unfilled in the areas, where there is genuine shortage due to unavailability of Australian workers, as it will harm the productivity and economy of the country.

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With the record Population Increase, Victoria is now the most desired place for immigrants coming to Australia

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Australia is a home to many world-class cities. In fact, its several cities rank among the top livable cities in the world. However, in the recent past, a few cities in Australia have really been the talk of the town for being the favorite immigration destination. Victoria is certainly one among such incredible and desired cities among the immigrants coming to this part of the world.

Victoria- the New Immigration Hotspot destination in Australia

The Victoria has become the hotspot immigration destination in Australia as most of the overseas and internal immigrants are traveling here every year. As per the latest statistics of Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Victoria has increased by 1.9% in last one year.

The other states are far behind Victoria in terms of population growth, i.e.

  • Western Australia – 1.2%,
  • New South Wales- 1.4%
  • Tasmania and the Northern Territory- 0.4%
  • South Australia- 0.6%
  • Australian Capital Territory/Queensland- 1.3%

Highest Population increase in Victoria since 2009

Traditionally, New South Wales was the key destination for immigrants, in view of the incredible city of Sydney. However, the state has recorded the lowest immigration in last three years.

On the other end, Victoria has registered record population since June, 2009. Both Victoria and New South Wales together have been the major contributors in the overall population of Australia.

Competition for Immigrants among NSW and Victoria

Both Victoria and New South Wales are seemed to be having the healthy competition for attracting new foreign immigrants. The statistics also confirms this rivalry among these two Australian a states, as 73.9% percent of all immigrants to Australia chose to settle either Victoria or New South Wales.

Out of total immigrants to Australia, 34.7% chose to settle in Victoria, while 39.1% selected New South Wales to reside. The Immigration figures to other Australian states and territories have been either the same or lower than the earlier.

Victoria is also popular choice for immigration within Australia

Victoria is also being preferred by a huge number of people moving within Australia. The interstate migration in Victoria has also increased by 48.6% in last one year. The other key states including New South Wales has saw considerable out migration in last one year.

Melbourne- the fastest expanding City in Australia

As per the experts, rising cost of accommodation is the key reasons that more and more people leaving Sydney- the NSW capital. On the other end, though, the prices are still high in Victoria; however, it is still reasonable compared to the NSW Capital.

Melbourne is the fastest growing city of Australia at the moment. It may well exceed the Sydney in a decade and half to become the biggest city in Australia in terms of population. As per the latest EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) report it was ranked as the most livable city in the world, in the sixth consecutive year.

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Canada- British Columbia invites highest number of immigrants in 2016 to apply

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The Canadian province British Columbia has issued highest number of ITAs (invitations to apply) in single draw in 2016, under its British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). On October 12, 2016, 805 invitations were issued which was a record in itself by any province in one draw.

British Columbia Looks to invite new immigrants

This significant number of ITAs issued clearly indicates that the province of British Columbia is looking to welcome more and more new immigrants in the province to meet the skill shortage and fill the job vacancies. The BCPNP issued close to six hundred invitations in two of its last three draws.

Distribution of invites in the largest provincial draw ever

Out of total 805 invitations, International graduates have had the major share of invites as 355 invitations were issued to them under skills immigration and express entry streams.

The skilled worker category remained at 2nd place in terms of invites as total of 322 ITAs issued to them. The rest 128 invites were sent for semi-skilled and entry level streams of BCPNP.

PNPs are looking to invite more and more candidates as the year ends

As the year 2016 is about to end, the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in Canada are looking to invite more and more immigrants to meet their annual quota and subsequently fill the skill gaps in their respective provinces.

The British Columbia is also looking to invite about 35-45 percent of applicants from Skilled Worker Stream. The major chunk of this is expected to be accepted via Express Entry (i.e. about 25 percent), whereas, 15 to 20 percent candidates will be invited from International graduate stream.

Request to raise PNP caps

Christy Clark the leader of British Columbia has raised request to federal government to increase the PNP caps saying that current quota of immigration is hindering the growth of Western Canada.

The provincial leaders also released a statement in the month of July this year asking the federal government for same immigration rights as Quebec. Quebec presently has its own immigration quota of 51000, which it is going to raise in future. The business houses of BC have also recently requested to raise the skilled worker immigrant in the province to enhance the provincial and subsequently the Canadian economy and growth.

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Canada is likely to remove provision of Conditional Permanent Resident for sponsored Spouses or partners

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The key change planned in provisions of Spousal Sponsorship by the federal government of Canada. The conditional permanent residence provision which says that a few spouses/partners need to fulfill cohabitation requirement of two years before full Canadian permanent residence status can be given to them is going to be removed.

What is Conditional Permanent Resident Provision?

As per Conditional Permanent Resident Provision, if a couple has been in relationship for two years or less and has no children in common, any of such sponsored spouses can get conditional permanent resident status. It means that the couple will have to live together for two years after getting the conditional Permanent Resident status.

The complete permanent resident status to the sponsored spouse can only be given once they complete two years together as partner. However, if they separate with each other before two years, the sponsored spouse may lose the conditional permanent resident status as well.

Change in Conditional Permanent Resident Provision was on the cards

The change in the much talked spousal sponsorship provision was on the cards for a several months. The IRCC has informed various provincial governments in May, 2016, about their intention to make changes in conditional Permanent Resident Provision. And this was further confirmed in the Forward Regulatory Plan revealed in mid-October.

Who all will get the benefit?

If this change is implemented, it will benefit the several sponsored spouses, i.e. the individuals who are in Canada on Conditional Permanent Resident status, the individuals whose application is in process and the future applicants as well.

The sponsored spouses in Canada, who are on Conditional Permanent Resident status, will get the complete permanent resident after the removal of this provision.

The change aims at protecting the vulnerable Sponsored Spouses

Since this provision was first introduced in October, 2012, more than 50,000 sponsored spouses have been granted the Conditional Permanent Resident status. It’s indeed a huge number. However, many reports say that this particular provision often results in abusive relationship.

Though, the IRPR (Refugee Protection Regulations) allows the exception to this rule in case of abusive relationship, however, one must apply for the exception.  Moreover, most of the immigrants are either not aware about this exception or they are hesitant to apply for the same. It is evident from the fact that only 307 individuals have applied for this exception since the inception of conditional permanent resident provision.

Nevertheless, if the change is approved to this provision, it will be great news for many of the sponsored immigrants.

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Interested in Moving to Canada? Find out how equipped you are for immigration to Canada?

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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada?

It’s certainly a wise decision, in view of Canada’s reputation as country of immense opportunities; however, have you done enough research and confirmed details about the process and key aspects?

Have you attained enough understanding about the key Canadian Immigration Process terms, i.e. express entry system, periodic draws, CRS system, Provincial Nominee Programs, IELTS and ECA, etc.? Not quite sure? Well, if you are still not familiar with all the above Canadian immigration terms, this post is certainly for you to read.

Let’s explore the key features of the Canada immigration process to find out how equipped or prepared you are for Canada immigration.

Express Entry System of Canada

The Express Entry is the most popular and fastest immigration system of Canada. It was launched by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) in January, 2015. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you must know and understand the key process details of Express entry system.

CRS System

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) system is a point system through which IRCC allocates points to every profile factor of the registered candidates in express entry and subsequently, gives them appropriate score. It helps IRCC to find out the candidates with best profile, skills, experience, education, and ability. You must understand the CRS System before you apply for Canada immigration.

Key Documents needed to apply

To apply in express entry or any other Canadian immigration program you require obtaining two key documents, i.e.

  • IELTS Test result for English proficiency (minimum CLB 7 score) and
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) done by a relevant authority to get your overseas qualification verified to be accepted in Canada.

Point system

Most of the Canadian Immigration Program including express entry follow the point based system wherein points are allocated to your key profile details, i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. If you are applying for federal skilled worker (FSW) stream of Express entry (most common stream for skilled workers from overseas), you need to get minimum 67 points to qualify as an applicant in express entry. If you have got your IELTS result and ECA, you can check your immigration points here.

FSW immigration points calculator

Provincial Nominee Program

Apart from express entry system, there are provincial nominee programs you can apply for to get Canadian PR visa. Usually, every province has its own provincial nominee program, i.e. SINP, BCPNP, OINP, etc. These programs open every now and then throughout the year. The PNPs provide many relaxations to the candidates. You must know these programs if you are interested in Canada immigration.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Service

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Canada- Immigration hike is recommended to maintain Economic progress against ageing Population

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As per the Conference Board of Canada, immigration needs to be enhanced in order to sustain the economic growth against ageing population in the country. This furthers affirms the demands for immigration increase being raised by various industries and organizations in Canada.

Canada needs to increase annual immigration to 407,000

As per the latest report on demographic patterns of Canada, the country needs to boost the immigration level to 407,000 (increase of one-third in the current level) by the year 2030, in order to combat the challenges raised by ageing population and maintain its economic growth

Ageing Population- a huge Concern in Canada

Ageing population is a huge concern and challenge for the economy and growth of the Canada in the 21st century. As per the latest report shared by CBC (Conference Board of Canada), at present, people at 65 and above share the 16 percent of total population in Canada, which is likely to increase to 24 percent in the next 20 years.

The research analyzers have observed 5 scenarios between the situation at now and in 2100 based on the birth rate around 1.55 children per women and long life expectancy. The impact was discussed on the workforce development and government expenses to be occurred on healthcare benefits and old age security endowment.

Impact of Ageing Population on the workforce and economic development

As per the CBC report, the ageing population of Canada is going to have considerable impact on the economic development and growth. Moreover, the low workforce growth shall adversely affect the household budget. At the same time sluggish economic growth will also cause the low investment expenditure.
The slow economic growth with also reduce the amount of revenue generation by the government, whereas, it would be required badly by the government in view of the increased expenditure caused by ageing population. So it will be completely a crisis situation for the government in the near future.

Hike in Immigration is the key to tackle the issues raised by ageing population

Immigration hike can certainly increase the labour force of Canada and consequently contribute in the faster economic development and growth. As per the Conference Board of Canada (CBC) Report, natural rate of population increase add 120,000 people annually, to the overall population. However, it is likely to fall considerably in the years to come, in view of the expected rise in the deaths and drop in the birth rate.

The current immigration level (i.e. 260,000) the economic growth of Canada will decrease gradually from 2 percent at now to 1.6 percent by 2050. This is the reason that CBC is insisting to raise immigration level to 407,000 by year 2030.

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