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Civil Engineers needed in the Nova Scotia, Canada

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civil engineers in Canada ImmigrationCivil Engineers needed in the Nova Scotia, Canada! Nova Scotia is the key Canadian province that provides exceptional facilities to help the newcomers settle. Apply for the PR in Canada now under the expert guidance. Call the Visas Avenue Immigration Expert now to get further details and to apply for Canadian PR visa fast.



The key job responsibilities are listed here

  • Designing of the engineering projects, i.e. hydraulic systems, water supply systems, roads, bridges and buildings, etc.
  • Review, evaluate and reports on the ecological implications of the Civil Engineering projects
  • Determine materials, construction methods, and comply with the quality standards while doing the same.
  • Write and interpret provisions, conditions, plans, construction, drawings, process, and methods.

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Database Analysts and Data Administrators Demand in Canada

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Database Analyst or Data Administrator demand in CanadaIf you are Database Analyst or Data Administrator, you have a huge opportunity to move to Canada. Your occupation is in great demand in Nova Scotia, Canada. You can get in touch with the Visa and immigration consultant at Visas Avenue to know more about the demand and to apply for the appropriate Canadian visa under the given occupation.



  • Making application and reviewing the database documentation and linked procedures, policies, instructions, and guidelines
  • Accomplishment of the testing of database systems i.e. logging, fixing, reviewing, resolving all searched problems, as per the standards of accepted quality testing procedures
  • Ensure that the websites distribute all components to fit together to function in a hassle free manner, and also analyze and fine-tune the performance of the network.
  • Accountable for operational management, associated with system security and disaster recovery arrangements
  • Making certain the operational excellence and maintenance of recovery and backup procedures, and enforcing the other security aspects
  • Responsible for Designing database structural design and maintaining tables, dictionaries, data structures, etc. to ensure the precision and range of all data master files

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All about Nova Scotia Immigration Program 2015

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Nova Scotia immigration program 2015 use the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection system, in order to select candidates for this distinct stream. This exceptional stream, came into effect on January 1, 2015, is for highly proficient individuals with a post-secondary education and qualifications that will help them successfully settling in Nova Scotia.

nsnp 2015 program The selection factors with which the process of the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry programme determine, the candidate is asked to score 67 points or more out of 100 points. There are two categories under the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream works. These are: 1: Arranged employment in Nova Scotia You should have a permanent full-time job proposal from a Nova Scotia employer, and 2: Paid Work Experience in an Opportunity Occupation The candidate has to show at least one year of continuous full-time or an equal amount in part-time paid work experience in the last five years. The main criteria are to achieve ample points under the selection factors, and meet the Minimum Funds specifications.

There are two application routes to Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream, either you apply directly to Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) or you have been selected from the Express Entry pool by the NSOI. In either case, the principal applicant will need to submit a complete application to NSOI.

Nova Scotia Canada immigration Points 2015 are based upon the six selection factors:

  1. Education (maximum of 25 points): The candidate is asked to complete Canadian secondary or post-secondary educational degrees OR a foreign educational degree. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report evaluated by an organization designated by CIC is acquired outside of Canada.
  2. Prospective abilities in English and French Language (maximum of 28 points): You will be granted up to 28 points for proficiency in English or French. You will get points based on the ability to: listen, speak, read, and write.
  3. Work experience (maximum of 15 points): Your work experience in Canada or international must be at least one year, full-time. And have a paid work within the last 5 years before lodging the application to NSOI.
  4. Age (maximum of 12 points): You might get the points for age on the date the application is completed to NSOI is received and application for permanent residence to CIC.
  5. Arranged employment in Nova Scotia (maximum of 25 points): You will receive points for a valid permanent employment proposal from a Nova Scotia employer.
  6. Adaptability (maximum of 10 points): The candidate attains points if they show that they or their spouse has relevant experience and potential to help in converting a living in Nova Scotia.

Deriving adequate points under the selection criteria is the prime demand of Nova Scotia Canada immigration program 2015. The eligible candidates are asked to gather the three minimum requirements for the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream, you can go further to determine if the maximum score are 67 points or more out of 100points.

There are few minimum funds specifications in which one has to reveal about the adequate amount of funds to successfully initiating with family in Nova Scotia and to pay the immigration costs and travel expenses if they are applicable at the time of application to NSOI and your application for permanent residency to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you are greatly esteemed with the amazing life at the Nova Scotia province of Canada, then do not waste the time fill our free assessment form and come up with the most awaited experiences of Canada being in Nova Scotia.

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