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Which are the best Countries to immigrate to in 2017?

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Immigration to advanced countries has become common as the countries across the globe have come closure compared to past centuries. The limited opportunities in various developing as well as developed countries has also forced individuals to explore the scope and possibilities in other countries for dynamic career advancement, quality of life, along with consistent individual growth.

However, with the changing governments, perceptions, immigration policies and procedures ever year, list of ideal countries for immigration gets updated annually. Hence, if you have plans to move abroad in 2017, it will be wise to review the list of best countries to live, work and get settled in the coming year.

Best countries to live and work in 2017

Traditionally, USA and UK have been two of the most popular countries for immigration and PR (Permanent Residency) over the years. Today, millions of immigrants from different parts of the world are settled in both these advanced countries. However, in last one decade or so, both the countries have taken some major steps to control excessive number of immigrants in the country.

Immigration Scenario in the US and UK

The year 2016 has been quite eventful with regards to immigration in the USA and UK. This year Brexit was a key decision taken by the British government to control immigration in the country. This clearly indicates the current immigration scenario in UK. The immigration wave is somewhat similar in the other most advanced and impactful country of the world, i.e. the United States of America.

Newly elected president in the US, i.e. Donald Trump is known for his anti-immigrant statements and policies. This is the reason that after Trump’s victory in US elections, a huge number of Americans themselves are looking to move to countries, such as, Canada, Australia, etc. Hence, if both these countries are in your list for immigration, you must rethink once about your decision.

Which are the ideal countries for immigration in 2017?

Looking at the immigration policy, ideal settings for immigrants, current immigration, rate etc. factors, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the best countries to immigrate to in 2017.

  • Canada

Canada is ready to welcome 300,000 new immigrants in 2017, as per its Immigration level plan 2017. Moreover, it has taken multiple steps in 2016 to make immigration easier for applicants next year. Canada has made some key changes in its immigration rules to ensure smooth entry of skilled immigrants, family sponsored immigrants, and international students in the country.

  • Australia

Australia too is committed to invite a huge number of skilled migrants in 2017 in view of ongoing skills shortage in its IT, Engineering, healthcare, Construction, Account and Finance, etc. sectors. Australia is also known for offering fastest skilled visas to foreign skilled immigrants.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand on the other end is appearing as the new most desired immigration destination in the world. The annual immigration rate of New Zealand has increased drastically in last couple of years. A huge number of skilled workers and international students are every year moving to New Zealand.

Hence, if you have plans to move any of the above countries for immigration and PR in 2017, you may get in touch with a genuine immigration consultant to prepare your immigration file fast.

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