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Canada is likely to remove provision of Conditional Permanent Resident for sponsored Spouses or partners

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The key change planned in provisions of Spousal Sponsorship by the federal government of Canada. The conditional permanent residence provision which says that a few spouses/partners need to fulfill cohabitation requirement of two years before full Canadian permanent residence status can be given to them is going to be removed.

What is Conditional Permanent Resident Provision?

As per Conditional Permanent Resident Provision, if a couple has been in relationship for two years or less and has no children in common, any of such sponsored spouses can get conditional permanent resident status. It means that the couple will have to live together for two years after getting the conditional Permanent Resident status.

The complete permanent resident status to the sponsored spouse can only be given once they complete two years together as partner. However, if they separate with each other before two years, the sponsored spouse may lose the conditional permanent resident status as well.

Change in Conditional Permanent Resident Provision was on the cards

The change in the much talked spousal sponsorship provision was on the cards for a several months. The IRCC has informed various provincial governments in May, 2016, about their intention to make changes in conditional Permanent Resident Provision. And this was further confirmed in the Forward Regulatory Plan revealed in mid-October.

Who all will get the benefit?

If this change is implemented, it will benefit the several sponsored spouses, i.e. the individuals who are in Canada on Conditional Permanent Resident status, the individuals whose application is in process and the future applicants as well.

The sponsored spouses in Canada, who are on Conditional Permanent Resident status, will get the complete permanent resident after the removal of this provision.

The change aims at protecting the vulnerable Sponsored Spouses

Since this provision was first introduced in October, 2012, more than 50,000 sponsored spouses have been granted the Conditional Permanent Resident status. It’s indeed a huge number. However, many reports say that this particular provision often results in abusive relationship.

Though, the IRPR (Refugee Protection Regulations) allows the exception to this rule in case of abusive relationship, however, one must apply for the exception.  Moreover, most of the immigrants are either not aware about this exception or they are hesitant to apply for the same. It is evident from the fact that only 307 individuals have applied for this exception since the inception of conditional permanent resident provision.

Nevertheless, if the change is approved to this provision, it will be great news for many of the sponsored immigrants.

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Canada- Immigration hike is recommended to maintain Economic progress against ageing Population

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As per the Conference Board of Canada, immigration needs to be enhanced in order to sustain the economic growth against ageing population in the country. This furthers affirms the demands for immigration increase being raised by various industries and organizations in Canada.

Canada needs to increase annual immigration to 407,000

As per the latest report on demographic patterns of Canada, the country needs to boost the immigration level to 407,000 (increase of one-third in the current level) by the year 2030, in order to combat the challenges raised by ageing population and maintain its economic growth

Ageing Population- a huge Concern in Canada

Ageing population is a huge concern and challenge for the economy and growth of the Canada in the 21st century. As per the latest report shared by CBC (Conference Board of Canada), at present, people at 65 and above share the 16 percent of total population in Canada, which is likely to increase to 24 percent in the next 20 years.

The research analyzers have observed 5 scenarios between the situation at now and in 2100 based on the birth rate around 1.55 children per women and long life expectancy. The impact was discussed on the workforce development and government expenses to be occurred on healthcare benefits and old age security endowment.

Impact of Ageing Population on the workforce and economic development

As per the CBC report, the ageing population of Canada is going to have considerable impact on the economic development and growth. Moreover, the low workforce growth shall adversely affect the household budget. At the same time sluggish economic growth will also cause the low investment expenditure.
The slow economic growth with also reduce the amount of revenue generation by the government, whereas, it would be required badly by the government in view of the increased expenditure caused by ageing population. So it will be completely a crisis situation for the government in the near future.

Hike in Immigration is the key to tackle the issues raised by ageing population

Immigration hike can certainly increase the labour force of Canada and consequently contribute in the faster economic development and growth. As per the Conference Board of Canada (CBC) Report, natural rate of population increase add 120,000 people annually, to the overall population. However, it is likely to fall considerably in the years to come, in view of the expected rise in the deaths and drop in the birth rate.

The current immigration level (i.e. 260,000) the economic growth of Canada will decrease gradually from 2 percent at now to 1.6 percent by 2050. This is the reason that CBC is insisting to raise immigration level to 407,000 by year 2030.

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