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Australia or New Zealand –Which Country is best for New Immigrants?

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Australia and New Zealand are two of the most beautiful, advanced and ideal countries for immigration and permanent residency. Both the countries welcome a huge number of people every year in view of their advanced infrastructure, multiple job opportunities, quality of life, and high standards of living, etc. features.

The immigration of skilled workers, international students, and tourists is particularly high in both the countries. Though, a considerable number of people also move to Australia and New Zealand on Business visa and family sponsored visa, etc. However, the key question that often confuses most of the immigration aspirants is which country among the both is better for new immigrants. Let’s try to find out the answer.

Australia Vs New Zealand- Which country is better for immigrants

As we already discussed, both the countries have incredible features to attract and magnetize the newcomers, however, when it comes to comparison between the two, one can surely be better than other in terms of individual choice and preference of immigrants.

Points of Tie-break between the two

When we say individual choice and preferences, it can be seen on various aspects, such as wages, cost of living, lifestyle, etc. Let’s explore some tiebreaker points.

  • In Australia, wages are high compared to New Zealand with lot of high income jobs offered by it. Hence, if you are moving out of your country to make lots of money, Australia is better choice for obvious reasons.
  • On the other end, New Zealand has low cost of living and taxes etc., so again it goes to the choice of individuals.
  • Australia takes prides on its incredible monuments, while New Zealand known for its breathtaking landscape beauty.
  • In Australia, the people enjoy the fast paced and energetic life, while in New Zealand; life is much more calm and cool.
  • Australia is more urbanized and populated, whereas, in New Zealand population is quite low compared to Australia. This is the reason that there are more job opportunities in Australia compared to New Zealand.

How to take decision as an immigrant? 

Well, if you are more career oriented person and looking to make money in the advanced country, Australia is the ideal destination for you. On the other end, if you prefer the calm and cool lifestyle with nice work-life balance, New Zealand would be the most preferred country.

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