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Why you need an Immigration Consultant to apply for Canadian Visa in 2017?

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If you have gone through the title, you must be looking for the answer of the question too. In fact, most of the people who aspire to live, work or settle in Canada, want to know whether or not they should hire a consultant for Canada immigration and permanent residency process.

Well, there are two aspects of the answer of this question. Let’s explore the both.

Do you need an Immigration Consultant for Canada immigration in 2017?

The fist aspect is how well you are prepared for immigration to Canada. The preparations can be of various kind, when you are moving to the incredible maple leaf country. If you follow the Canada immigration process updates, immigration rule changes, instructions and guidelines, etc. you can apply on your own as well.

If you are thorough with the process, your chances of making mistake are minimum and you are more likely apply for the visa correctly.

  1. On the other end, if you are not much aware of the immigration rules, process guidelines, and frequent changes being announced by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, it is wise to take service from a reliable and registered Canadian Visa and Immigration Consultant. The second point needs a bit further elaboration.

Frequent Canada Immigration Rule Changes in last couple of years

The Canada Immigration process has undergone various changes in last couple of years. The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have announced various changes in the immigration process and immigration rules. The key reason behind this has been induction of new federal government in Canada.

Liberals are known for their soft stance on immigration, hence, several immigration rules have been eased in last one year or so. So, overall most of the changes have been positive for the immigration and visa applicants. Let’s take a look at the key immigration changes announced in last one year by the Canadian government.

  • Revised the Express Entry point system
  • Doubled the application intake of Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP)
  • Family reunification processing time reduced to half
  • Points to international students to apply for Canadian permanent residency
  • Removal of ‘Four in Four out’ and ‘Conditional Permanent residency’ provision applicable to certain applicants.
  • Extending the time period for submitting visa application after receiving the invite from IRCC from 60 days to 90 days.

A common man often don’t follow or understand the frequent immigration rule changes, however, the immigration consultants, being the professionals, often follow even the minute process details and changes, and use the same while helping you in submission of visa application.

How an Immigration Consultant can help you in Canada immigration?

If you have hired a genuine and registered Canadian immigration consultant, it can provide you vital immigration advice and assistance in visa and immigration process for Canada. However, make sure that you hire a consultant with proper accreditation status and authenticity. For further assistance with regards to Canada immigration and visa process, you may drop an email to the expert at