What are the Key Aspects of Canadian living that attract World over immigrants?

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When you discuss about Canada immigration in your circle or elsewhere, you get multiple suggestions and advice on immigration process, programs, and all that.

People will provide you details about immigration programs, point based system, visa application, etc.

But how often you have discussed about life of a new immigrant in Canada?

Well, it’s as important as the immigration process or visa filing, etc. You must know and understand the society you are moving to in order to integrate in the community fast upon landing. Let’s get an overview of the life in Canada to understand how easy or difficult to settle in Canada for you as a new immigrant. Here are the key aspects of living in Canada.

Friendly people and communities

Canadians are known as the friendliest people in the world. The communities here don’t discriminate the residents based on race, religion or culture or background.

Free Healthcare facilities

This is one of the best facilities a new immigrant can get in the maple leaf country. Canada offers the free universal healthcare system to its permanent residents and citizens. As a new immigrant, medical expenses can hurt you badly in the new country, however, and if you are getting the free healthcare support from the government nothing can be better.

Peaceful country with Low Crime Rate

Canada is usually a peace loving nation. Crime rate in Canada is low compared to many other advanced countries. You will hardly see any news of riots or disturbance in any part of the country.

Multicultural Society

Canada is a multicultural society, where you will find the people with different ethnic origins, religion, language, and identity, walking on the roads, in cinemas, events, restaurants, offices, etc. You may get to see festivals of different countries being celebrated here and restaurants offering cuisines of different countries.

Highly respected country

Canadians are highly respected people world over. Canadian passport has ranking of 6 with visa free score of 154. Canadian values, democratic policies, and tolerant society is regarded high across the world.

Landscape beauty

Canada is a huge country by land area. Hence, in Canada, you may get to see a few of the most beautiful landscape wonders of the world. The places like Stanley park, Botanical Garden, Rocky Mountains, Niagara parks and waterfall, Lake Ontario, Banff national park, etc. are few of the most mesmerizing landscape attractions in Canada.

Political Leadership

The political leadership in Canada is not known as very stern or demanding, rather it is lenient, soft and people’s government in true sense. The immigration policy of Canada is the live example of the soft Canadian leadership.

Apart from this the most attracting thing about Canada in today’s perspective is its immigrant friendly approach and policies. When most countries of the world are denying the immigrants and refugees, Canada is one of the countries in the world that accepts the immigrants with open arms.

Hence, if you have plans to move to Canada this year, you don’t need to bother at all about how you will integrate in the society. Canada has the easy going culture and environment that helps people mix up in the communities in no time. So, call your Canadian Visa Consultant today and begin the process for Canada immigration at earliest.


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