Overview of Key Permanent Residence Programs in Canada

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If you are looking to get Permanent residency in Canada, your first concern would be to know whether or not Canada have permanent residence program for your category of immigration. Inspired by Canada’s social programs, peaceful life, liberal communities and lenient immigration policies, aspirants from world over, often decide to make Canada their next home. However, first step is to check the right immigration program for you. Take a look at the key permanent residence programs to find out, under which category you fall as an applicant.

Major permanent residence programs in Canada

Canadian government has designed permanent residence programs for diverse category of immigrants.

  • Skilled Immigrant Category

As the name suggests, this category is for skilled workers from overseas, who have the good experience as well as skills to get employed in the 0, A, B category of occupations in Canada, per National Occupational Classification (NOC). Express Entry, QSWP, Provincial Nominee Programs are the key immigration programs to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) in under category.

  • Family Class Immigration

Under this category, family member of Canadian permanent residents and citizens can apply for and get permanent residency in Canada. However, the applicants under this category need to be sponsored by their eligible relatives in Australia, i.e. Spouse or Common law partner, children, parents/grandparents, etc. Super Visa program, Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP), etc. are the key programs in this category.

  • Business Class Immigration

The businessmen looking to establish a new or invest in an existing business are eligible to get permanent residency in this category. They can get permanent residency in Canada along with their families. However, the requirements of the relevant business immigration programs must be fulfilled, i.e. minimum investment or job creation criteria, etc.

  • Temporary Workers and International Students

The temporary workers on work permit or international students on study permit can also get permanent residency in Canada, if they meet certain requirement of time spent and experienced gained, etc. in Canada.

Temporary workers can apply to convert their Canadian work permit in to permanent residency. Moreover, as per the recent announcement by the federal government, the international students will now get express entry points for their Canadian educational credentials for applying for Canadian permanent residency.

If you can fall in any of the above mentioned permanent residency program categories, you can apply for Canadian PR through a relevant immigration program. Most of the above immigration programs follow an online application system, so submitting application is not a huge concern. All you need to do is read the immigration rules and guidelines carefully before you apply. Also, acquire the essential documents to apply first, in order to avoid hassles in this regard later on.

Need assistance to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency?

In case you are looking for help and support to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, you can hire a trusted Canadian Visa Consultant for Canadian PR process help. However, you must ensure that the consultant you hire for immigration process is accredited with immigration regulatory body (ICCRC) of Canada.


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