Cultural Difference between Canada and Australia from Point of view of an Indian Immigrant

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Canada and Australia both are most preferred countries for Indians when it comes to overseas immigration and permanent residency. Millions of individuals and families from India are already settled in both these countries and many immigrate every year to these two incredibly good immigration hotspot countries. Moreover, both the countries welcome the highly skilled and talented professionals from India with open arms.

What it’s like to Move Australia or Canada from India?

In case you have plans to move one of these countries, you must be keen to know which country you may connect better or which country will be a better option in terms of career growth, social security benefits and job opportunities, etc. Let’s do a brief analysis of both the countries from Indian point of view to understand the basic difference between the two.

Overview of life in Canada and Australia from Indian point of view

If you are moving to Canada or Australia from India, the biggest similarity you will find here is multicultural society. Likewise India, Australia, and Canada are widely popular for their diversified culture and society. Both the countries are home to people with different languages, religions, cultures, customs, race, and beliefs. Now, if you want to see these countries as a destination to choose for immigration, here is the separate assessment of both.

Canada for Indian Immigrants

Canada is known for its soft immigration policies. Defying the negative immigration wave across the America, Europe and other countries, Canada accepted 40,000 Syrian refugees last year. Its immigration target was over 300,000 for year 2016 and this year to it plans to welcome the same number of immigrants with increased economic immigration this time around.

It’s also a wonderful country to settle with family, with its low crime rate, democratic polices, tolerant society, multiple social security benefits for citizens and permanent residents, etc. It embraces all the cultures and religions. The special reason that binds Indians to Canada is the huge Indian community living in Canada. So, if you are planning to move to Canada as Indians, you have enough reasons to justify your decision.

Australia for Indian immigrants

Australia is a vibrant country full of life. If you are desperate young skilled worker looking for a dynamic career and high income jobs abroad along with a vigorous lifestyle, Australia is the place for you. Australia takes pride on its cheerful nightlife, magnificent beaches, sports and recreational activities, and cultural diversity. So, if you are looking for all these things, you should consider Australia Immigration from India.

Immigration process of both the countries is also streamlined and most organized with well defined immigration programs and skilled visa categories for permanent residency or temporary immigration.

Looking for Trusted Visa Consultancy for Australia or Canada immigration?

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