The festive Season Registered Record number of People coming to Australia

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The current festive season registered a record number of people arriving in Australia. As per ABF (Australian Border Force) statistics, 1.49 million passed through the international airports of the ‘Kangaroo Land’ during the festive holidays. Though, Australia is already known for attracting huge number of immigrants and tourists, however, the current festive season has set a new record for number arrivals.

ABF Statistics revealed record arrivals during Festive period

Australian Border Force (ABF) statistics have revealed that during the festive holiday season (between December 22, 2016 and January 02, 2017) total number of visits and departure via international airports of Australia has increased to 9.9 percent compared to last year. Record Rise in arrivals as well as departures even continued till January 08, 2017.

International Airports in different Australian States remained busy during Holiday Period

The international airports in various states of Australia remained busy during the festive holiday period. Australian state Sydney registered highest number of visitors (278,952 visitors), with a rise of 8.8 percent. Moreover, total number of departures through Sydney International airport was 328,768 with a boost of 9.6 percent compared to last year.

A biggest percent rise (29.1 percent) in total number of travelers was observed in Darwin compared to last year. Adelaide was not far behind with a rise of 23.3 percent during the fest holiday season last year. International Airport of Melbourne city of Australia registered 170,939 visitors with a boost of 13.4% and while total 210,811 departures recorded with a rise of 12.8%. The SmartGates placed at Australian International Airports have played a key role in the faster processing of valid travelers, confirmed the Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Border Command.

The Management and Technology at Airports managed the increased number of travels

Though, the number of travelers increased significantly through the Australian International airports, however, the same was handled quite well by the border protection team and administration. Moreover, the security and protection of the passengers as well as the staff was ensured on priority during the peak holiday period.

The number of travels through Australian international airports is raising drastically over the years, however, the technology and exceptional administration at the airports is managing the border security and the smooth travel incredibly well.

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