Which Country offers Better Job opportunities to Immigrants- Canada or Australia?

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Canada and Australia are two of the immigration hotspot destinations on the world map. Both share terrific similarities as well in terms of advance infrastructure, decent economy, cultural diversity, multiple job opportunities, immigrant friendly policies, and quality of life, etc.

However, the thing that makes most of the immigration aspirants anxious about immigration to a new country is the availability of job opportunities. Every immigrant remains concerned thinking whether or not he/she will get the relevant job opportunities or job options at the new place or not. Well, if you are planning to move to one of the two countries, i.e. Canada or Australia, let’s find out which one among the two offer the best job opportunities.

Job opportunities in Canada Vs Australia

Both Canada and Australia are wonderful countries for new immigrants and offer them multiple benefits too. However, comparison is quite difficult to make between the two, specifically when there is no set parameter to judge the same.

Now, from an immigrant’s point of view, the job opportunities in any of these countries depend on various factors, i.e. occupation of an immigrant, demand of occupations in a particular country, etc.

Demand of occupations

The demand of occupation plays a vital role in the number of job opportunities in a country. For instance, there is great demand of Accountants, Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers in Australia at now. About 4,000 occupations were listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of 2016-17 and still there over 2300 occupations are left to apply for the year. While in Canada, there is significant demand of construction, mining, and engineering associated occupations. Software Engineers or IT Professionals are equally high in demand in both Canada and Australia. In general, there are a few occupations, which are greatly in demand in both Canada and Australia, i.e. Engineering, IT, Accounts, and finance, healthcare, Construction and manufacturing, etc.

Transparent and Centralized System

Talking about in demand occupations, Australia has more transparent and centralized system to announce and list down the in demand occupations compared to Canada. Though, a few provinces of Canada also released their in demand occupation list annually. However, Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) are more centralized, transparent, and organized. With SOL and CSOL it becomes easy to find the high demand occupations and their occupation ceiling value (cap limit) for the year.

Other key factors

Apart from the availability of job opportunities, other factors also matter when you land in a country as a new immigrant. These factors are i.e. support services for new immigrants, cost of living, acceptance for immigrants in the society, etc. When we rank the countries based on these factors, Canada certainly tops the list.

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