Significant Growth in Australian Tourism Industry, courtesy Asian Visitors

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Australia’s tourism industry has registered significant growth compared to the rest of the economy as per the latest reports. Australia is known for its scenic landscape and exceptionally wonderful locations among millions of tourists across the globe. And it seems that all the tourist destinations of Australia, i.e. marvelous beaches, incredible wildlife attractions, barrier reef, etc. in top cities of Australia, are luring more number of visitors than ever at the moment.

Moreover, the significant efforts and investment made by government of Australia to boost tourism in the country is also paying off the rich dividends. Outdoor locations of Sydney and Melbourne are especially a key attraction for a huge number of tourists coming to Australia ever year.

Asians contributing largely to the growth of Australian Tourism

The latest survey report on International visitors has confirmed that this growth in Australian tourism industry is largely due to the people coming from Asian countries, such as, China, Korea, Japan, India, etc. In last one year, tourism has the share of $12.3 billion in the economy of Australia.

China is leading the list of Asian countries that have contributed greatly in the tourism growth of Australia over last one year, with the total share of 20%. The report says that the tourists from China have spent more than $9 billion yearly in Australia. This in fact was the target set for 4 years under Tourism 2020 strategy by the tourism Australia and the government. However, as per the Australian Tourism minister, they will continue to work on their policy of attracting more tourists to enhance the tourism growth factor, irrespective of the fact that target planned for four years has already been achieved.

There are also encouraging signs from Japan and Korea, as the contribution from these countries to Australian tourism has jumped to 22 percent and 29 percent respectively with tourists’ expenditure of $1.6 billion from each country.

Both Arrivals of Foreign tourists and expenditure at record level

Both arrivals of foreign tourists as well as expenditure from them in Australia have reached at record level in last one year. In last one year to September, 2016, about 1.8 million foreign visitors arrived in Australia with a total upsurge of 11 percent. These tourists have spent a total of %38.8 billion to the economy of Australia.

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