Interested in Moving to Canada? Find out how equipped you are for immigration to Canada?

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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada?

It’s certainly a wise decision, in view of Canada’s reputation as country of immense opportunities; however, have you done enough research and confirmed details about the process and key aspects?

Have you attained enough understanding about the key Canadian Immigration Process terms, i.e. express entry system, periodic draws, CRS system, Provincial Nominee Programs, IELTS and ECA, etc.? Not quite sure? Well, if you are still not familiar with all the above Canadian immigration terms, this post is certainly for you to read.

Let’s explore the key features of the Canada immigration process to find out how equipped or prepared you are for Canada immigration.

Express Entry System of Canada

The Express Entry is the most popular and fastest immigration system of Canada. It was launched by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) in January, 2015. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you must know and understand the key process details of Express entry system.

CRS System

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) system is a point system through which IRCC allocates points to every profile factor of the registered candidates in express entry and subsequently, gives them appropriate score. It helps IRCC to find out the candidates with best profile, skills, experience, education, and ability. You must understand the CRS System before you apply for Canada immigration.

Key Documents needed to apply

To apply in express entry or any other Canadian immigration program you require obtaining two key documents, i.e.

  • IELTS Test result for English proficiency (minimum CLB 7 score) and
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) done by a relevant authority to get your overseas qualification verified to be accepted in Canada.

Point system

Most of the Canadian Immigration Program including express entry follow the point based system wherein points are allocated to your key profile details, i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. If you are applying for federal skilled worker (FSW) stream of Express entry (most common stream for skilled workers from overseas), you need to get minimum 67 points to qualify as an applicant in express entry. If you have got your IELTS result and ECA, you can check your immigration points here.

FSW immigration points calculator

Provincial Nominee Program

Apart from express entry system, there are provincial nominee programs you can apply for to get Canadian PR visa. Usually, every province has its own provincial nominee program, i.e. SINP, BCPNP, OINP, etc. These programs open every now and then throughout the year. The PNPs provide many relaxations to the candidates. You must know these programs if you are interested in Canada immigration.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Service

If you are layman and not much aware about complex immigration terms, immigrations rules and procedure of Canada immigration, you can coordinate with a reliable and genuine Visa consultancy Service to get your file best prepared for Canada Immigration. If you coordinate with a good consultancy service for immigration to Canada, it helps you in Canada immigration process from start to till end.

For instance, Visas Avenue is a popular and registered Canada Immigration Consultancy Service that helps several applicants obtain the Canadian Visa every year. To discuss your eligibility and Canada immigration plan, you may speak to the expert at Visas Avenue on contact nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi), 040-42467777 (Hyderabad), or 080-46668222 (Bangalore). You may also send your Canada immigration queries to the expert at


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