Computer Network Technician great opportunity to live, work in Canada

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computer-network-technicianA great opportunity to live, work and get permanent residency in Canada if you are a Computer Network Technician. This occupation has a great demand in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you apply fast you may get considered for the Permanent Residency in Canada through SINP program of Canada. Contact Immigration Expert at Visas Avenue to know more details and apply fast for PR in Canada.

Below are the key job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for controlling, troubleshooting and maintaining the use of wide area networks (WANs), mainframe networks, local area networks (LANs), mainframe networks, computer workstations, internet connections, etc.
  • Responsible for estimation and installing of operating systems, networking software, computer hardware, etc.
  • Review the operation and performance of computer and networks and to manage access and use of computer networks

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