A Brief to Australia Permanent Residency

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Australia is an extremely popular destination for highly skilled people wishing to start a new life in another country. Skilled migrants wishing to work in Australia would be assessed on the basis of scored points that are awarded for work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. Other ways of obtaining immigration visas to Australia include the Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs.

benefits to go to australiaPermanent residency is an individual’s visa status where the person is granted the permission to live for an indefinite time period, within a country of which they are not a born citizen. In recent years the number of immigrants has been increased in comparison to other developing countries.

As the primary aim of the skilled migration program is to attract highly utilizable people for immigrating to Australia as permanent residents. This skilled migration program is the most common and easy method; with which immigrants usually like to migrate to Australia and go through the permanent residency process.

The key benefits of immigrating to Australia as a permanent residents consist of these obligations:

  • they enjoy a free and democratic society, they have the freedom of Education,
  • they can apply to work in the Australian Public Services very often,
  • the best part is that the Children born to PR’s are deemed Australian citizens,
  • The permanent residents immigrated to Australia can also avail the benefit to Sponsor the family members.

The application of Australia permanent residency visa has the relevant qualifying criteria’s according to which the points are calculated.

  • Age,
  • Qualification,
  • English Language Proficiency,
  • Experience of Work,
  • Adaptability,

australia migration points system

The candidate also gets 5 extra points at the time of State Sponsorship and 10 extra more points if you have an eligible family member as citizen or PR of Australia. The total of almost sixty points is needed for qualifying for the Australian PR.

  • The Skilled independent visa, (subclass 189) which is a point based visa
  • The Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass190) it gives the candidate a best chance to work in some specific state or territory provided in the states occupation list.
  • The Skilled regional visa (provisional subclass 489) is a temporary visa for four years in a province or territory.

Australia has much more essential factors to discover than the foremost career opportunities. The Australian lifestyle includes the great outdoors, beautiful beaches, luscious green rainforests and majestic weather. Some of Australia’s major cities have been listed in the top 10 most livable cities in the world, offering great work opportunities to earn a fantastic lifestyle. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth are the major cities materializing as a great potential base for every significant end.

The ongoing accelerating economy of Australia, its excellent education and healthcare facilities captivate the aspirants to immigrate to Australia. With these diverse benefits people all around the world keep on motivating and get attracted to immigrate to Australia and settle here as permanent residents. The facts have emerged in last few years that the satisfaction level would never decrease for the new immigrants; perhaps they will gradually keep on moving in to Australia for the Permanent Residency.

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